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Campus Get it Magazine

I managed, by some Godly intervention to be featured in the Campus Get It magazine for this month. This was one of those random days on campus and I managed to get their stamp of approval. This goes to show that everyday should be dressed up as if it is a special ocassion. Infact my granny used to say, “Always dress up as if you are going to meet your worst enemy” this is so true, I mean how bad would you feel if your hater saw you at your worst? Anyway, thanks for the feature Campus Get It! I love it!

Blonde hair don’t care

Now when they talk of a fashion pioneer, I can assure you they are definitely referring to the likes of this honey right here! I mean HELLO! If you’re not seeing the style in this outfit you need to either stop smoking that ‘ish you’re on or set an appointment at the optometrist at the Student centre….thanx. I absolutely love his checkered jacket, the bandana, his rings and of course his swag- the way he just carries this outfit is certainly swaggerfied! ❤ ❤

The DENIM jacket is back yall!!

So I spotted this beautiful and stylish young lady on campus not so long ago and thought wow, she’s wearing a similar jacket to the one that has been collecting dust in my closet for over 3 years now. I bet you also have one because at one point denim jackets were the in thing. I decided to ditch mine a few years ago because it was no longer en vogue, but after I saw her ensemble I thought “hell ya!” It’s as if she decided to do spring cleaning in my closet and revived my timeless fashion item- the denim jacket. So yes, I give this fashion item a “must have” stamp of approval for all seasons. So go ahead and pull out your denim jacket from your closet or even your moms or aunts closet because these babies are back! I especially love them for their versatility in making any outfit look chic! You go girl show ‘em how it’s done!!
Mantsi MotlokaoIMG_1506[1]


Singing….”Taylor gang, taylor gang, taylor gang! You know I’m reppin’ Taylor!” So I spotted these guy on campus today. I’ve seen them a number of times chilling by the benches next to the Student centre (that’s where you get all the restaurants). These guys are part of a bigger crew who usually chill and smoke bubbly while freestyling. I think they are very cute and that’s proven by the number of girls that always flock to their corner to chill with them. I was drawn to them today because of the fact that they were all wearing chuck taylors which I thought was cute, I mean when last did you see a clique coordinated? They are part of the ‘cool’ kids on campus and they love dressing up! When I asked them for pics they told me to come back on Friday cos that’s when they kill it. So I’ll be back on Friday to give you guys some more of these fine boys!

Check out the guy on the right trynna pull a LL Cool J with the tongue!

Check out the guy on the right trynna pull a LL Cool J with the tongue!  From left: vuyo_fobaii @cbu_twala @thabi_ledwaba @thatkageguy